Cloudline Exteriors; Your Calm After the Storm.

In today’s world of multifamily, large-loss insurance claims, a strategic approach is more important than ever before. 2019 recorded eight multi-billion dollar severe weather events. Minnesota recorded large hail events with widespread catastrophic loss for townhome associations and common interest communities.

Many contractors claim to be “storm damage specialists.” But as carriers become further inundated by extreme weather events the process for your insurance restoration process requires an elevated approach with competent partners who go above and beyond the norm.

Cloudline Exteriors brings the latest in construction technology and a strong team of industry partners who truly are specialists. We’ll help identify applicable damage, qualify and quantify the scope of loss, and assist you through the insurance claims & exterior restoration process.

24/7 Storm Monitoring

In-depth weather reports

Aerial drone inspections with Swift by Cloudline Exteriors

Artificial Intelligence and automated damage recognition

Strategic workflow processes and claim resolution practices

Best-in-Class storm restoration partners and installers

Drone Inspections: A New Perspective.

Elevate to a new perspective with Swift by Cloudline, aerial drone imagery and reporting for your multifamily property.

We offer an advanced inspection toolkit that helps you gather and understand property information unlike ever before. Automated aerial image capture, measurements and damage recognition technology provide unparalleled insight and accuracy on the condition of your exterior building materials.


Best-in-class solutions for the professional maintenance or replacement of your roofing, siding and gutter systems.


Precise and timely exterior inspections, estimating and reporting.

Storm Damage

We help you identify what is damaged, work with your insurance carrier on replacement cost estimates, and restore your multifamily home back to new.

Aerial on-site measurements

2-D and 3-D modeling

Automatic damage detection of your roof

Hi-res photos and unbiased reports

Accurate estimates

Safe and Professional

Cloudline Exteriors, LLC is a FAA certified commercial drone pilot under the federal Small UAS Rule 14 CFR 107

Protect your Investment

You’ve likely heard the saying, “Offense is the best defense.” For your property’s exterior, this is particularly true. Small issues that could have been easily addressed, when left unresolved, can quickly become big, costly repairs. Regular, proactive maintenance is your community’s best protection against leaks to your building envelope that can cause wood rot, mold and water damage.

Go on the offensive with Cloudline Exteriors and protect your investment with our exterior, preventative maintenance services, including these common items


Shingle Repairs


Flashing fixes




Caulking re-application


Hole patches


Moisture mitigation