Storm Damage

Storm damage identification and restoration by Cloudline Exteriors

Cloudline Exteriors; Your Calm After the Storm.

In today’s world of multifamily, large-loss insurance claims, a strategic approach is more important than ever before. 2019 recorded eight multi-billion dollar severe weather events. Minnesota recorded large hail events with widespread catastrophic loss for townhome associations and common interest communities.

Many contractors claim to be “storm damage specialists.” But as carriers become further inundated by extreme weather events the process for your insurance restoration process requires an elevated approach with competent partners who go above and beyond the norm.

Cloudline Exteriors brings the latest in construction technology and a strong team of industry partners who truly are specialists. We’ll help identify applicable damage, qualify and quantify the scope of loss, and assist you through the insurance claims & exterior restoration process.

24/7 Storm Monitoring

In-depth weather reports

Aerial drone inspections with Swift by Cloudline Exteriors

Artificial Intelligence and automated damage recognition

Strategic workflow processes and claim resolution practices

Best-in-Class storm restoration partners and installers

Hail Damaged Shingle

When weather strikes, we’re here to help. Let us show you how we go Above and Beyond.