Drone Inspections by Cloudline Exteriors

Drone Inspections: A New Perspective.

Elevate to a new perspective with Swift by Cloudline, aerial drone imagery and reporting for your multifamily property.

We offer an advanced inspection toolkit that helps you gather and understand property information unlike ever before. Automated aerial image capture, measurements and damage recognition technology provide unparalleled insight and accuracy on the condition of your exterior building materials.

1. Automate

Roof and property data are gathered from the sky and then digitized for analysis and cloud-based reporting. Our flight control system technology captures images with a 1/10th centimeter-squared resolution and accuracy.

2. Analyze

Images are reviewed with AI damage detection and then annotated. On-site measurements are completed without needing to get on your roof. 3-D modeling brings every detail to life.

3. Act

Inspection results are provided to you in a shareable report. An adjoining repair or replacement bid allows you to take the necessary action.

The Ideal Tool For


Preventative Maintenance


Storm Inspections


Roofing Proposals

Aerial on-site measurements

2-D and 3-D modeling

Automatic damage detection of your roof

Hi-res photos and unbiased reports

Accurate estimates

Safe and Professional

Cloudline Exteriors, LLC is a FAA certified commercial drone pilot under the federal Small UAS Rule 14 CFR 107